And That’s Exactly How the Cast Wants Samantha’s Return Not to Be Leaked

Although the revelation that Samantha (Kim Cattrall) would be returning for “And Just Like That” season 2 excited many fans when it broke last month, the HBO series’ cast and producer had mixed feelings about the news leak. .

“My overwhelming thought at this point is that I am so deeply disappointed that someone leaked this to the press,” Cynthia Nixon told TheWrap. “It was going to be such a wonderful surprise that, as people were watching episode one, ‘Oh my god! There’s Samantha!’ You know?”

Showrunner Michael Patrick King echoed Nixon, noting that “the only troubling thing” about the cameo is that the press learned of it. “I really wanted the audience to be sitting there and see Carrie pick up her phone and see it’s not a text, and then, ‘What?'” King said. “It would have been awesome.”

“I guess you can only achieve one huge, spoiler alert, impossible thing in your lifetime — and that was that Big died,” he continued, nodding to “And Just Like That,” the pilot’s big twist. “Nobody knew Big was dead until they saw it. So I guess it was.

An upcoming scene will involve Samantha having a phone conversation with Carrie (SARA JESSICA PARKER). Although Cattrall was not involved in “And Just Like That”, after publicly stating that she refused to revisit the character after the second film, the series has kept her character in the fold, primarily Shows Carrie texting during key moments in Season 1.

It has been reported that Cattrall’s scene was filmed without King or Parker on set. Despite previous reports that it seemed King had little involvement in the cameo, the showrunner told TheWrap that he wrote the scene. Similarly, the comedy’s head and executive producers Parker, Nixon and Kristin Davis all confirmed that they had discussions with the showrunner about the upcoming cameo before disputing the initial framing, saying that the cameo could have happened without their involvement. Happened.

“It was a conversation that Michael and I were having with the studio. It wasn’t something I learned,” Parker, who also executive produces the comedy, said. She decided to combine the Season 2 return of “And Just Like That” with the 25th anniversary of “Sex and the City.” which premiered on June 6, 1998.

Parker said, “Samantha is present in this show in a smart and meaningful way, and it was really nice to take the texts and add a face.” “Dialogue, where it happens in the story, it’s an emotional moment that happens. And I think it’s a good way to keep a good friendship alive and well.

As for King, he’s still surprised the cameo didn’t happen. In the past, Cattrall has been vocal about not wanting to play Samantha in future projects.

“I don’t know how it happened. I think magic was involved. I think the fans must have sensed a change somehow,” King said. “Something about 25th anniversary magic — show business magic or fan magic or actual magic, and all of a sudden it was like, ‘Yeah. I’ll be Samantha for that.'”

Now that the secret is out, the cast faces a new fear: managing expectations. “I’m worried right now because it’s a scene, and it’s so brief,” Nixon said. “It’s really like a wave of, you know, yawning. And I just worry about all this buildup.”

Davis felt the same way as Nixon. “I hope it’s not just made up and people are disappointed, because we really did this for the fans,” she said. “We thought it would be fun if he suddenly appeared on screen. Wouldn’t that be great? But this is not the world we live in.

“And Just Like That” will return for Season 2 Thursday, June 22 on Max.

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