Bebika Dhurve AKA Astro Baby Shares How She Will Use Salman Khan’s Criticism To Win [Exclusive]

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 has started after a long wait. After the successful season 1, the makers are back with season 2. Unlike last season when Karan Johar was the host, Salman Khan has taken the responsibility for this season. Several contestants are grounded for the TV reality show. Bebika Dhurve, one of them, got candid with us and opened up her game plan. She was given an alias named Astro Baby and shared how she will compete in the house or challenge other contestants. She is also positive about Salman Khan’s constructive criticism to improve her game. Bebika rose to fame with her television show Bhagya Lakshmi aired on Zee Tv. Also Read – Bigg Boss OTT 2: Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan reveals how he will deal with Salman Khan ka gussa [Exclusive]

How did you get the name Astro Baby and how is it connected to your identity? Also Read – Bigg Boss OTT 2: Falaq Naaz Body Shame Bebika Dhurve Says ‘Hatti Katti Kaam Kar Legi’

I have an astrological background and they were very impressed with my skills. They checked my skills and astrological readings really well and I think they were quite impressed with that. And Baby comes from my real name Bebika and Big Boss really thinks I’m his baby. I am his daughter. I have a little child in me that will never die until the end of time. I belong to a hereditary astrological background and really embrace this name. Also Read – Bigg Boss OTT 2: Omung Kumar reveals how Salman Khan reacted to the huge house [Exclusive]

What preparations have you made to compete in the house?

No preparations. I’m very spontaneous and I’m going to live in the moment. But yes, I want to win.

How will you challenge other participants?

I will try to figure out their weaknesses. Won’t exactly play a diplomatic, bad game, but I’ll make sure they get weaker and weaker with time.

What will you remember to be safe from Salman Khan’s wrath?

Well I believe Salman Sir is very good at reading people and when he tells me I need to work on something. I will take all his constructive criticism in the best way possible, and I believe I will follow any guidance he will give me.

What lessons did you learn from the previous season of Bigg Boss OTT and Bigg Boss TV show?

The lesson I’ve taken is Be yourself. Be true to who you are in your personal life, because that’s where you can earn a place in the eyes and heart of the public, and you can easily speed up the game. And yes, you must not be inhumane, have humanity and be honest. That’s the lesson I learned from the game.

Who do you think will be your biggest competitor in the game?

I can’t say now because once I get home I’ll see. But yes, many people are desperate for victory and they are desperate for power. And I’ve seen a few girls in it in particular. And even the Habibi man, I think he will be very difficult to deal with.

Who do you think your friend will be?

I think Manisha, who can turn out to be a good friend to me. Let’s see how it goes. I will maintain a good, friendly, kind, sweet approach. But it also depends on how she answers.

The audience will decide who stays and who goes, what’s your game plan for survival?

I think my reach is the lowest compared to other people, and I am aware of the reality, but I need to improve my game to the fullest. Entertainment is the only way I can really attract the maximum audience, and that’s how I would really do my best to get the maximum number of votes.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 had its grand premiere on June 17 and is streaming for free 24/7 on Jio Cinema.

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