Chris Christie calls ‘self-styled billionaire’ Trump the ‘cheapest man I’ve ever met’ (VIDEO)

Appearing on CNN Wednesday night, the former New Jersey governor — and of course the former Friends of Donald Trump – Stay in touch with him former boss and the family, declaring Trump to be only a “self-proclaimed billionaire” whom Christie called “the cheapest person I have ever met”.

Christie was on “CNN Primetime” to talk to the network’s anchor Kaitlan Collins about it. It has recently been revealed that Trump is rigging donations From his supporters to the PAC, which he is using for his legal defense in the federal classified documents case, for which he faces 37 charges.

“Just remember something,” Christie told Collins, “he’s a billionaire. Self-styled billionaire. Why can’t he use his own money, not the public’s money, to pay his personal legal fees?”

It’s outrageous, and it’s ongoing corruption. And look, the Trump family has been involved in corruption for a long time. He was doing this to people who had previously received payments from his PAC, whether it was Kimberly Guilfoyle, other family members, Christie continued. Jared Kushner received $2 billion from the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund 6 months after leaving the White House after Donald Trump put him in position to live in the Middle East.

“What was Jared Kushner doing in the Middle East? We had Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo. We didn’t need Jared Kushner. “She was put there to build relationships and when she left office she squandered those relationships,” Christie said. “So what Donald Trump is doing now is just a continuation of what he’s allowed his family to do throughout his tenure as president.”

Collins asked, “Why do you think he is not using his money to pay his legal fees.”

“Because he is the cheapest person I have ever met in my life. That’s why,” Christy replied. “And the Catalan, which he is very good at, is spending other people’s money. And if you look at his history in New Jersey…”

“Do you think he is misleading his voters, his supporters?” Collins said.

“I think those supporters, you know, writing Trump presidential checks think they are paying for campaign expenses, not personal legal expenses. What happened to him, let’s say with the documents, the case had nothing to do with the expedition. “It’s his personal fault, he’s being held accountable for the mistakes he made, and he’s paying for lawyers to defend himself,” Christie said.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of ACYN on Twitter.

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