“‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Jing Lusi to Lead ITV’s ‘Red Eye’ from Bad Wolf – Deadline”

Crazy rich Asians Leading actors Jing Lusi and Richard Armitage headline an ITV drama about an overnight flight from London to Beijing and the corridors of power in Whitehall.

Lesley Sharp is also ready for Bad Wolf’s Red eyes, This is the debut TV project of flight schedule Director Peter A Dowling.

The show will air on ITVX in 2024. After attending a medical conference in Beijing and coming frighteningly close to dying in a car accident, Dr. Matthew Nolan, played by Armitage (obsession, stay close) comes home and is immediately arrested at London’s Heathrow Airport. Exhausted and confused, Nolan is framed for the murder of a woman who was in the car he crashed into. DC Hana Li, played by Lusi, is the no-nonsense London civil servant tasked with escorting Nolan back to Beijing, but a lot happens along the way.

Red eyes marks a turning point in British-Asian representation and I am beyond excited and proud to helm this series alongside the wonderful Richard Armitage,” said Lusi, who played Amanda Ling in Breakout Crazy rich Asians and also starred in Netflix Man vs Bee Ooposite Rowan Atkinson.

ITV drama director Polly Hill said: “Red eyes is a brilliantly riveting international storyline thriller set on the Red Eye flight from Heathrow to Beijing.”

The series is produced by Bad Wolf, which is supported by Sony. Julie Gardner (I hate Suzie, Doctor Who) will be performed alongside Lachlan MacKinnon (Industry, a discovery of the witches). Power And Power Book IV: Power Director Kieron Hawkes will direct all episodes of the series, which will be produced by Kristian Dench (The capture, strike back). Sony Pictures Television handles international distribution.

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