Dermot Mulroney walks off ‘The View’ set in show of solidarity with writers’ strike

In a pre-taped segment that aired Friday morning, actor Dermot Mulroney got up from the set of “The View” to make a symbolic show of solidarity with the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, a person with knowledge of the matter told TheWrap. Confirmed for. ,

The hosts and producers of “The View” had no problem with the effort, having already worked with the show. In this segment, Mulroney is interviewed by Joy Behar, as Whoopi Goldberg usually takes Fridays off. Once the friendly interview ends, the actor walks off as Behar mentions Mulroney’s latest show, Marvel’s Disney+ series “Secret Invasion.”

In a statement to TheWrap, Mulroney said, “Because I have so much respect for The View, a news program, I felt comfortable calling attention to the ongoing WGA strike for fair pay and work ” hours, because I think it’s incredibly important to continue to support the union.”

“The View” has continued to air during the WGA writers’ strike that began on May 2, with each episode being unscripted so as not to violate the strike.

On the May 2 episode of the long-running ABC chat show, Goldberg said, “So, you know what we always keep talking about how we’re so different from most other shows? Well, as you know, there’s a writers’ strike going on, and so we don’t have writers. So you’ll hear how it sounds when it’s not, you know, smartly.”

Later in that episode, Goldberg said, “We hope you’re not too daunted by the fact that we don’t have a writer,” Whoopi said. “But we still did the show, because we want to keep everybody employed, and we want to do our best, and we support our writers because we know what they’re going through.”

Since then, Goldberg has mentioned the strike and said the show is running without writers at the beginning of every episode, and sometimes multiple times. Last month, WGA members picketed outside “The View” tapings in New York City.

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