Host Dakota Johnson Gives A Slightly Snide Tour Of Studio 8H – Deadline

“Hi, I’m Dakota. Welcome to my home away from home, Studio 8H.”

The first promo for Dakota Johnson‘s Saturday Night Live hosting stint dropped today and it’s a sendup of the now-venerable celebrity home tour genre popular with Conde Nast-y publications like Architectural Digest and Vogue.

In it Johnson, who’s making her return to the show after first hosting in 2015, takes viewers on a peppy – and slightly snide – tour of Studio 8H.

Among the jabs:

Johnson says the “8H” in the studio’s name stands for “800, which is now much Lorne bought the studio for in 1812.”

In the makeup room: “Fun fact, all these wigs are made with chinchilla hair. It looks really great on camera, but f*** it stinks!”

She visits Punkie Johnson’s dressing room where general mayhem is afoot before revealing the chaos is a result of one specific demand on her rider.

To see more, watch the clip below.

SNL airs Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET/8:30 p..m. PT on NBC and streams live on Peacock. Justin Timberlake is this week’s musical guest and, given his history with the show, it’s a good bet he might show up in a skit or two.

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