John Stamos Releases New Version Of ‘Full House’ Classic “Forever” – Deadline

For your listening pleasure and a trip down memory lane. John Stamos has dropped a new version of the Full House classic “Forever” the Beach Boys song performed by Stamos several times in the show. Stamos’ new iteration is a lullaby performed by the actor with American Idol alum singer-songwriter Jax.

The song originally was recorded by the Beach Boys as a single in 1971. The band re-recorded the tune on their 1992 album Summer in Paradise, with Stamos featured on lead vocals. The actor went on to perform the song on at least three episodes on the Full House ABC sitcom, one during Jesse’s (Stamos) 1991 wedding to Rebecca (Lori Loughlin). See the video below.

The song also was performed again on the first episode of Full House Netflix spinoff Fuller House in 2016.

In Season 5 of Full House, Jesse and the Rippers signed a record deal and released “Forever” as their debut single, where it surged to No. 1 in Japan. Jesse is later kicked out of the band because of his commitment to his family, but he went on to form a new band called Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets. 

Listen to Stamos’ new version of “Forever” and watch a clip of his performance during the 1991 wedding scene below.

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