Loch Henry Cast and Character Guide

It was only a matter of time before “Black Mirror” arrived for the streaming industry, and Season 6 takes a few swings at Netflix right out of the gate. With the first star-studded, hyper-meta episode “Joan Is Awful,” which introduces Netflix clone Streamberry (and an arsenal of Easter eggs and references therein). But episode 2, “Loch Henry,” calms things down to deal with a much more typical streaming sicko — the soulless, exploitative true crime industrial complex and the constant stream of true crime docs digging up traumas from the past.

“Loch Henry” follows an aspiring filmmaker back in his Scottish hometown, where he intends to make a documentary about eggs, only to get sucked into making a film about the horrific crime case that left his hometown a From former tourist destination turned into a desolate ghost. town. In “Black Mirror” tradition, the ensemble is a healthy mix of familiar faces, character actors and breakout up-and-comers, so if you’re wondering who’s who, we have a handy rundown for the cast of “Loch Henry.” is a guide. ,

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