Mara Brock Akil praises fans’ dream ‘Girlfriends’ reboot cast

A fan came up with his own cast for a reboot of the hit sitcom “Girlfriends,” and Mara Brock Akil, the show’s creator, liked the idea: “Are we getting revealed?”

“Someone said this needs to be the girlfriend of today’s reboot,” a Twitter user with the profile name “_RareDefined” said in a tweet on Monday. The post was also accompanied by a series of photos with the original cast of “Girlfriends,” which actresses fans thought should be included in the potential reboot.

Fan posts suggested that Jill Marie Jones would be played by Tony Childs as star Coco Jones (“Bel-Air”), Lynn Ann Searcy as Persia White would be played by Zoë Kravitz (“The Batman”), Golden Brooks will be played by Maya Denise Williams. Keke Palmer (“Nope”) and Tracee Ellis Ross will be played by Joan Carroll Clayton, played by Yara Shahidi (“Peter Pan and Wendy”).

It didn’t take long for the post to circulate online, garnering 9.4 million views and over 35,000 likes. The conversation started on the Twitter platform and spilled over to Instagram, where Brock Akil praised the fan-created reboot cast.

“Are we appearing?” Brock Akil asked the question in the comments section of the media company The Shade Room’s Instagram post, who reposted the “_RareDefined” tweet. Brock Akil then asked R&B singer Summer Walker if she would do music for the show, after which Walker supported the fans’ choice with an applause emoji in the comments.

Mara Brock Akil responded in the comments on Instagram.

“Will you do the music? I love your honesty!” Brock Akil asked the question.

“Girlfriends” show lovers still haven’t gotten over this series, especially since it came to an abrupt end amid the 2007-08 writers’ strike. Like fans, Brock Akil and even ‘Girlfriends’ executive producer Kelsey Grammer are excited at the idea of ​​bringing the comedy drama series back to TV screens in a few changes.

“We didn’t get a proper finale for the show and, boy, it broke my heart,” Grammer said in a 2022 interview, “Oh my god, I love those characters. It hasn’t left my imagination the idea of ​​bringing one back and at least attempting to close it.

Although fans still haven’t received a definitive answer as to whether the series will ever return, they’ve been able to satisfy some of their “Girlfriends” needs through its spinoff “The Game,” which is set for another reboot in 2021. came back for Brock Akil said in the first one Interview There is no question of the return of “Girlfriends”.

“I can’t imagine living in a world where [it’s not a] Possibility, so I always leave the door open for that right, Brock Akil said.

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