Megyn Kelly hits back at MSNBC’s Jen Psaki for saying the GOP is pushing Muslim Americans to be anti-trans (VIDEO)

This week when Megyn Kelly lashed out at MSNBC’s Jen Psaki, saying the former Biden press secretary’s Sunday show was “failing” because of the “drive” she saw on this week’s episode, then left And news media figures from the right clashed.

Clause under consideration? Psaki on Sunday gave a standalone report on “the re-emergence of a very old GOP playbook” of pitting different groups of Americans against each other for the party’s political advantage. The latest example, Psaki said, is what she sees as pitting Muslim Americans against trans people.

“It’s covered by MSNBC because ‘the white man is evil and cunning,'” Kelly said Monday in response.

In his “Inside” report, Psaki, in a five-minute segment of GOP history from the time of President Richard Nixon, described “pitting one group of Americans against another” as part of Nixon’s southern strategy to whitewash them. Was seen playing against the Southerners. “Fear of African Americans and the Civil Rights Movement” to pull them away from the Democratic Party. She then swiftly moved on to today, which, after years of portraying Muslim Americans as “Public Enemy No. 1,” still sees the party now projecting them as a religious group that centers around trans people. will support the existing fear of He pulled up clips of Laura Ingraham of Fox News in 2015 and today, which shows her wavering stance on Muslims, as an example.

“Right wingers, conspiracy theorists, birthrights, they now want us to forget the years they spent spreading fear about Muslims and Islam. Ten years ago, taking a stand against Sharia law was a major litmus test for the GOP. Now the litmus test seems to be how passionately you oppose transgender people,” Psaki later said, adding, “Let’s be clear: This is the same old GOP playbook, designed to tear apart the fabric of our society, and There is another cynical trick to damage the idea. We are one of many, because they are so desperate to recapture the White House.”

Watch the full “Inside with Gen Psaki” segment below.

Meanwhile, Kelly didn’t say on her Monday installment of “The Megyn Kelly Show” that saying that Muslim Americans have recently become anti-LGBTQ is wrong — “You can go back a long way to find that.” why do Muslims object to the LGBTQ agenda, especially the way it is currently being taught,” he said. He added that the report is “another shortcoming of Muslims in America saying, ‘You’re so stupid that you Not realizing that you are being manipulated. You can’t really have any faith.’

“Whitey’s at it again!” Kelly said. “These whites are trying to pit those lovely Muslims who have always been pro-LGBTQ against poor trans people.”

Both reports are partially recent Maryland sees hundreds of parents protestThe state’s largest school district, predominantly of the Muslim and Ethiopian Orthodox faiths, is not allowing its children to opt out of English courses that feature lessons with LGBTQ themes.

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“Why are they mad? What exactly draws a parent out to protest over the weekend? This should be plenty. Parents are busy. They’ve got jobs, they have kids, they don’t really have a lot of time to protest, but they did it Tuesday outside a board of education meeting because Maryland’s largest school district forced them to opt out of their studies. will not allow. “Kids have to read from books and lessons that contain some LGBTQ text that they find objectionable,” Kelly explained. “Maryland state law does not allow for an opt out provision unless it is a regulation on sex ed. Not a specific entity, and it’s not technically sex ed. They have added it under the English Language Arts curriculum. And when it comes to trans people these parents think it’s inappropriately sexual and has messages they don’t agree with. And so they’re going out saying, ‘You can teach whatever you want,’ they’re not saying you have to stop lesson planning, but rather, ‘They’re our kids, and we should be allowed to be able to Need to get them out. And the school says, ‘No, you can’t.’

Kelly concluded, “It doesn’t delve into the essence of it—the debate about whether the parents are right or wrong, or what’s in the text.” “It’s covered by MSNBC because ‘the white man is evil and cunning.'”

Watch the full segment from “The Megyn Kelly Show” in the video below.

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