Rob Schneider Comedy Special Blasts Liberals Who Moved to Florida

Rob Schneider tells Floridians how he really feels about “mother-cares” from blue states like California and New York who are “flooding” into his “sunny state” in his new Fox Nation comedy special.

In an exclusive video from “Rob Schneider: Wake Up in America” ​​shared with TheWrap, the comedian praised his audience in Florida for their kindness, telling them the state’s residents are “the nicest people.”

“It’s great to be here in Florida,” Schneider said in the clip opening the Fox Nation special from the Tampa Theater in Tampa, Florida. “You guys are incredible – you’ve been through so much. You’re so good.”

The comedian continued, “You have buses running to your border every day, just flooding Florida… Every day, just foreigners coming in. I’m not talking about Mexicans.” “I’m talking about the people of California and New York.”

Schneider calls out “motherf-kers” from the blue coastal states, who, he jokes, bring their vegan diets, their yoga pants and their rock climbing shoes.

The “Grown Ups” actor then pulled the liberal out-of-towners even more, zeroing in on the trendy dietary restrictions they’d brought to the state, joking that the sight of cheese or toast would “f—k up.” Will be

“If you want to f—k them up, give them a piece of cheese—they go, ‘Oh, I’m lactose intolerant!’ Schneider said clutching his stomach. “Lord knows, you really want to fk ’em, give ’em a piece of toast, [they’ll be] Like, ‘Oh, f—k, I can’t eat gluten, it’s got gluten in it!’

Schneider said, “They’re a bunch of p-sies – and I know because I’m one of them.” “I admit it – I’m from California.”

Watch the full “Walk Up in America” ​​clip in the video above.

Schneider’s comedy special “Woke Up in America” ​​is now available to stream on Fox Nation.

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