“Ross Kemp has abandoned his plan to film the dive to Titanic in the OceanGate submarine” – Deadline

A British TV presenter has revealed that, like Discovery+ explorer Josh Gates, he was considering making a show in which he traveled to the wreck of the Titanic in an OceanGate submarine – before dismissing the plan as ‘unsafe’ .

The sun reports that Ross Kemp — a veteran of daring documentary making for the past two decades — had planned to do the show last summer before retiring.

His agent Jonathan Shalit told the newspaper:

“Your team reviewed this OceanGate submersible and stopped using it as it was simply not considered safe or fit for purpose.”

The sun quoted a TV insider as adding, “When preliminary inquiries were made to OceanGate, the question was asked, ‘How much training does he need to take the submersible to Titanic?’ And the answer was, “None at all.”

“The company was initially considered because it was a well-known organization, but after that [production company] Atlantic started asking questions, all plans quickly fell through.”

Josh Gates said yesterday he turned down a chance to film on Titan after security checks “didn’t work well”.

This followed this week’s tragic news that five men, including three Britons, had died aboard the mini-submarine Titan, with experts describing what happened after the accident as a “catastrophic implosion”. Debris from the broken capsule was found.

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