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SPOILERS ALERT! This post provides details on HBO’s finale the idol

HBO’s controversial series the idol concluded on Sunday and certainly thwarted the story the series seemed to be telling in its first four episodes.

Episode 5, titled “Jocelyn Forever,” reveals that Lily-Rose has been in control of Depp’s pop star character the whole time, even as she made everyone believe she was being manipulated by Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye). been.

“I think a lot of the audience will maybe watch the first few episodes and think this guy is taking advantage of them,” Depp said in a section on the making of the finale. “By the end he realizes that she knows exactly what he’s doing and she knows exactly what she’s doing.”

The episode begins with quite a bit of suspense as Jocelyn has become hostile towards Tedros. She’s pushed him out of her inner circle, and the thought of being out of control unnerves him. Meanwhile, Jocelyn’s team wants answers. When her tour promoter stops by her house to discuss the tour, she puts on quite a show, insisting that several artists Tedros discovered will perform for her and claiming that she’s been promoting them throughout have.

Jocelyn’s manager Chaim appears to be paying Tedros to disappear on her orders, and it certainly causes a stir when he reappears at Jocelyn’s SoFi Stadium concert six weeks later. Even more confusing? On request, an artist pass is waiting for him. After the two reunite backstage, she greets him onstage as “the love of her life”, much to the dismay of her management team. As it turns out, she had a plan all along.

“Jocelyn is a very calculated and strategic person. She knows exactly what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it.” “Tedros was her muse and she got what she needed from him.”

Creator Sam Levinson shared further insights, saying, “Throughout the season, Jocelyn has been looking for inspiration. She wants to go to an uncomfortable place and is ultimately looking for the next song, the next album. Tedros becomes the channel for this creative development.”

Jocelyn “needs to devour the people around her to feel like she has anything to say,” Levinson said, adding that Tedros was actually “victimized.”

The finale is one of the few episodes that takes the audience outside of Jocelyn’s home. The end of the episode was filmed at SoFi Stadium during The Weeknd’s in-house production After hours Trip. Levinson explained that they were able to film Depp’s stage speech in the first act of the concert, but didn’t have much time to accomplish what they needed.

“We basically shoot this with a live audience of 70,000 people. We have two ways to do it,” he said. “We had the concert on Friday night and Saturday night. Either we get it or we don’t make it.”

To keep her from getting nervous, Depp simply wondered what Jocelyn would do.

“I sure was nervous going out there, but I just tried to put my Jocelyn hat on,” she said. “It was one of the craziest experiences I will ever have in my life. With everything she’s been through this season, she’s found something that feels right to her.”

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