The 12 Most Shocking Moments From ‘The Idol’ Finale

Note: This story contains spoilers ,The Idol” Episode 5.

The finale of “The Idol” is finally here and the HBO drama retained its title as the most scandalous show of the summer until the end.

Episode 4 of the Sam Levinson-produced show ended on a grim note for Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) when the pop star gave her backup dancer and so-called friend Diane (Jenny Kim) the go-ahead to pick up Jocelyn’s song. Granted, “world-class sinner,” as her own. If her carefully planned comeback wasn’t devastating enough, after learning that Diane and Tedros (Abel “The Weekend” Tesfaye) are already in love with each other knew and had a relationship before Jocelyn and Tedros met, their personal lives were also left in the toilet.

In revenge, Jocelyn invites her ex-boyfriend, Rob, to come over to her house, which succeeds in making Tedros jealous. Jocelyn’s plan backfires, of course, when Tedros assigns Zander to snap a bizarre photo of Rob with a scantily clad woman.

As Tedros’ entourage – or should we say “the cult” – continue to occupy his home as his relationship with Jocelyn deteriorates – all under the watchful eye of Jocelyn’s manager Destiny (D’Wayne Joy Randolph) was — we were on the peak of our seats to see how the fifth episode ended the first installment of the drama.

Keep reading for the full details of the havoc wreaked by “The Idol” finale, titled “Jocelyn Forever.”

Jocelyn ousts Tedros

At the top of the episode, Jocelyn stops working with Tedros and calls him a “fraud” and a “cheat” because she finalized her next single before her team showed up. When Tedros raised some red flags with the song, Jocelyn silenced him by saying “my job is off yours.” Jocelyn reveals how her first meeting with Tedros was, in fact, planned, recounting her entire history with Diane. And Khloe said Tedros has been seeing Jocelyn “always”. She asked Tedros to leave her home, adding that her crew should remain there.

Tedros takes control of Jocelyn’s meeting

When Andrew Finkelstein (Eli Roth) calls a meeting with Jocelyn at 1 p.m. sharp, everyone agrees. Jocelyn heads over to where Tedros’ entourage are staying and tells them that she will present her talents to his team and record label so that Ramsey, Chloe (Susanna Son) and Izaak (Moses Sumani) can start their tour . Despite Tedros being asked to leave, Tedros takes control of the meeting as the group welcomes record label executives and a showcase begins, while Jocelyn is nowhere to be found.

Xander alleges Jocelyn was behind setting up Rob

As the showcase got underway, Leia (Rachel Sennott) was dealing with the consequences of Tedros’ setting up Robb. As it turns out, the photo Xander (Troy Sivan) took of Rob with a barely clothed girl led to a sexual assault allegation against Rob. While Leia cannot speak with Jocelyn amid the chaos, Xander tells Leia that Jocelyn knew about the allegations – and even set her up.

Nikki tries to deal with Tedros

While record label executives admire the talent displayed by Ramsey, Chloe and Izaak, Nikki (JANE ADAMS) tries to make a deal with Tedros to find such incredible talent – even though he Even after calling him a “c-t”. “You’re fabulous,” Nikki tells Tedros, while Destiny (DEVIN JOY RANDOLF) and Chaim (HANK AZRIA) mock their conversation.

Jocelyn tells Chaim to make a deal with Tedros he can’t refuse to get her out of his life.

After trying all her options to get Tedros to leave her home and her life — even saying she’d call the police — Jocelyn tells Chaim to do whatever it takes to get Tedros out of her life. If you need money, give it to him. After a very amusing retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood”, security escorts Tedros into a van with Chaim, where they offer Tedros $500,000 in exchange for promising to leave Jocelyn alone.

Tedros throws away the check – prompting Chaim to go to Plan B

Despite receiving a check for half a million dollars, Tedros tears it up and says Jocelyn is worth more than money. Chaim accepts her choice and goes to Plan B.

“She’s done,” Chaim tells Jocelyn after the fact, noting that he had to pay her “too much”.

leia hits the road

After the chaos of the showcase, it appeared the deception was too much for Leia as she packed her bags and left a note for Jocelyn on her bed.

Nikki takes ‘World Class Sinner’ back from Diane

With Jocelyn back at the helm, Diane is no longer needed at the record label, and Nikki grabs her chance to sing “World Class Sinner”. Although Nikki tells Diane that she has nothing to worry about and that the record label is supporting her, it is clear that Diane will fade into oblivion.

Tedros Showed Up at Jocelyn’s Concert—And He Got a Stern Lecture

Six weeks later, Tedros appeared on Jocelyn’s show after Chaim and the other managers rejoiced that he had taken down Tedros through a scathing Vanity Fair article. Jocelyn left an artist pass under Mauricio Jackson for him, and he proceeded to receive a stern lecture from Destiny, in which she warned him that she would kill him if he hurt Jocelyn again.

Jocelyn took back Tedros

After a stern warning from Destiny, Jocelyn surfaced and told Tedros she was glad he was with her.

Tedros realized Jocelyn had abused his mother

In her dressing room, Tedros grabs Jocelyn’s hairbrush, and asks Jocelyn if it is The hairbrush with which his mother used to beat him. Jocelyn said “yes”, although Tedros pointed out that it was new. Jocelyn’s smile tells us everything we need to know as Tedros puts together the pieces of the puzzle that Jocelyn endured the abuse her mother allegedly committed against her. Tedros and Jocelyn looked surprised as they walked up to the stage.

Jocelyn introduces Tedros to the world

The pop star is officially back on top as Jocelyn took the stage and thanked her fans for sticking with her during tough times. Jocelyn then invited Tedros on stage and introduced him to her fans. After sharing a kiss on stage, it’s clear that Jocelyn is now in charge as she whispers to Tedros, “You’re mine forever. Now, stand there.”

All the episodes of “The Idol” are now streaming on Max.

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