‘The Bachelorette’ alumnus JoJo Fletcher’s advice for charity: ‘Don’t self-sabotage’

As “The Bachelorette” Season 20 enters its second week, former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher shares her words of wisdom for leading lady Charity Lawson, and urges her not to “self-sabotage.”

“You’re going to go through a whirlwind of emotions — it will be the best thing you’ve ever done, some of the best times of your life, but you’ll also have moments when you feel completely alone, confused, isolated— isolated, and sometimes really conflicted,” Fletcher told TheWrap during a recent interview. “I think in those moments, to start self-sabotaging and doubting all those things is very easy ones that are really good… so I always just say, ‘Don’t self-sabotage, really just be in the moment [and] Feel everything you’re feeling—all of those feelings are normal.

Fletcher, who noted that she got a chance to interact with the charity on the ABC reality show, also underscored the importance of being open to “any possibilities,” adding, “It’s really amazing what an experience like this can bring.” It is possible.”

The advice clearly worked for Fletcher, who tied the knot with husband Jordan Rodgers on the last day of production in 2016 after the pair met on season one of “The Bachelorette.” The pair now host the USA Network reality series “The”. Big D”, which brings together recently divorced people in search of their soul mate in heaven.

Similarly, Rodgers advises the charity’s suitors to keep their relationship with the Georgia native separate from their relationship with other men to ensure they are putting their best foot forward in front of the charity.

“If you start letting it affect you, you will not be yourself [and] You can’t be who you want to be in front of him,” Rodgers tells TheWrap. “You kind of have to be blindfolded.”

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Rodgers also shared her “secret sauce” for getting some extra time with the Bachelorette during group dates.

“Whenever there’s a mixer where everybody’s just hanging out [and] You can talk to the lead if you want or not, always wait until the end,” Rodgers said. “Always try to be last, because the way it works, you get a little extra time… Often if you wait until the end, you get that extra time because the producers are like, ‘Okay, every Somebody’s already talked to her, so as if we’re in no hurry,’ and if it’s going well, give [them] A little extra time.”

Fletcher intervened, saying that waiting until the end of the group date might not always work in a lover’s favor, however, as he urged men to “make sure she knows you’re willing to pursue her.” Are.”

“The Bachelorette” premieres Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC and is available on Demand and on Hulu the day after the premiere.

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