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When it comes to putting together the typical ensemble cast for a series, it’s an art, not a science; an organic fusion of faces and emotional forces. This was no more important than in the second season of the high-stakes HBO limited series white lotus in which we’re sucked into the posh, sexy allure of these upper-class vacationers, only to then delight in their deceitful sides and pranks, warts and all. Not only has the limited series featured new faces, such as Natasha Rothwell in Season 1, whose spa manager at the Hawaiian White Lotus Resort for Eastern Religion and Spirituality returns in Season 3, but it also has a fresh, featured a dynamic cast of actors I’ve seen before, including Jennifer Coolidge and Alexandra Daddario.

white lotus’ Casting director Meredith Tucker, who won a Limited Series Casting Primetime Emmy for the first season of the show created by Mike White, tells us in an interview for the Deadline FYC House + HBO Max series of events that finding the right cast is all about it goes “dealt role by role” with “the specificity of the relationships always coming into play”.

The aim is to synchronize the ages and likenesses of the connected characters to create a believable age difference between the grandfather-father-son family trio Di Grasso, played by F. Murray Abraham, Michael Imperioli and Adam DiMarco.

One of the more difficult roles for Tucker, however, was the role of Ethan Spiller, the serious, enigmatic, rich tech husband of Aubrey Plaza’s raunchy Harper. White originally wrote the role of Harper with Plaza in mind.

“That was the last role we cast for, and we had a little trouble finding that role,” says Tucker. “It was a really tough role because it’s kind of a slow process.” The role went to UK-based Will Sharpe, who recently made his mark as a writer and director of the HBO series landscaperand the British show Flower. He had his last acting roles in the Netflix series: Giri/Haji, and the 2018–2019 BBC series, defend the guilty as a lawyer, roles that “couldn’t be more different” than that of the introverted Ethan per Tucker, and which showcased Sharpe’s more outgoing, comedic sides.

Tucker came across Sharpe while going through the IMDB and UTA client list. She had watched landscaper and thought Sharpe was the right age for the role. Age matching Theo James’ privileged Cameron Sullivan was crucial; he and Ethan were college roommates. Tucker called immediately white lotus EP David Bernad, who also happened to have Sharpe in mind.

Why Sharpe worked was: “You would buy him a technician. It was something very cerebral and you could tell he and Aubrey made sense as a couple,” explains Tucker. She could see it on Sharpe’s demo reel Giri/Haji And defend the guilty a chameleon sensibility, something Ethan’s role required.

“There’s something repressive about him, but you have to see how he hits,” explains Tucker. “We felt like he would be able to do that just based on the other material he had shown.”

Sharpe received a request to send in a tape White lotus. “I was so excited to get the request, but when I took it I didn’t really think it was going to happen,” he tells us. Eventually, he read along with Tucker and Bernad for the role on Zoom.

“It felt kind of very surreal to suddenly be in Sicily and play this role,” adds Sharpe, who was thrilled to play the nuances of a “morally gray character.”

“He’s not sexy cute and he’s not a real villain,” explains the actor.

(L-R) Meghann Fahy, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, Will Sharpe


white lotus Season 2 begins with a corpse floating in Sicilian waters, and we don’t know who died or was murdered. Eventually, tensions between Cameron and Ethan rise when Ethan suspects the former of sleeping with Harper. Ethan eventually lunges at Cameron. Does Ethan have to kill his old friend? Cameron undoubtedly envies Ethan’s success in technology.

On set, Sharpe spoke to White about how mysterious Ethan was supposed to be. “He wanted the audience to wonder if Ethan is going to end up killing someone and if this nice guy thing is a misdirection. His more problematic masculine behavior is starting to bubble through.”

Sharpe was aware that Ethan “had within him the potential for real darkness, but also that he connects that to the reality of the story, which is really the story of someone who is afraid of the stage in their marriage and is trying to deal with it.”

The actor adds, “He’s worried about who he might become: he’s just made so much money and he’s accidentally on vacation.”

Boredom-stricken Ethan-Harper meets the sexually free, no-rules Cameron and Daphne Sullivan (Meghann Fahy), “a very different couple who bring all these things to the surface,” says Sharpe. “So he’s wondering who he is and.” his demeanor changed in the last few episodes; It’s like he’s almost surrendering to the reality that he has to play the game by these different rules.”

Regarding the backstory of what was going on at Harper and Ethan’s home, White told Plaza and Sharpe that the couple’s downfall was that “they had been together a long time; that was what was causing the problem; Because of the time span, atrophy set in and he thought that was understandable.”

Other interesting insights from the casting process of white lotus Season 2:

Fahy originally read Daddario for the role of Rachel Patton in the first season. She didn’t get the part but was immediately considered for the role of Daphne. “She was perfect for Daphne. “She has a sunny vibe, she has a cheerfulness compared to Rachel who was a little depressed,” Tucker tells us.

Theo James and Meghan Fahy

Theo James and Meghan Fahy


Theo James lands Cameron: “Theo was so successful in that way because he’s so charming, and that’s what we needed in this character… The guy (Cameron) is reprehensible, but there’s no interest in immediately hating a character.” You have to make some kind of investment in each one. The spell allowed him to behave in such a vile manner,” says Tucker.

Sam Claflin (Billy Dunne), Riley Keough (Daisy Jones)

Daisy Jones and the SixSam Claflin was being considered for the role of Cameronbut as with most castings for Hollywood projects, the actor was unavailable.

white lotus

Haley Lu Richardson as Portia in Season 2 – Episode 4


Haley Lu Richardson stars as Portia, Jennifer Coolidge’s assistant, Tanya. Portia snaps up DiMarco’s Albie Di Grasso and breaks his heart as she falls lightly in love with the bullshit Jack (Leo Woodall) – who ends up giving her a whole different potentially dangerous headache. Tucker was a fan of Richardson’s, having seen her in the film Support the girls. “There’s an openness about her in that role,” Tucker says of Richardson as Portia, “yet you still had your fingers crossed for her.” It was also easy to accept Richardson as an outsider to the hotel’s elite and as a young woman, who switches from Albie to another misfit, Jack.

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