The Most Shocking Moments From ‘The Idol’ Episode 3 To 9

Note: This story contains spoilers ,The Idol “episode 3.

If “The Idol” is what its third episode is known for, it’s shocking viewers with its ludicrous sex scenes filled with a nearly naked Lily-Rose Depp, which is arguably Abel from “The Weeknd.” Cringey lines as well as pop star Jocelyn plays. Tesfaye, who plays nightclub owner Tedros.

While Cannes audiences knew what to expect from the musical drama’s first two episodes following its premiere at the festival — which debuted with poor reactions — the escalating events of Episode 3 took many viewers by surprise.

“The Idol,” which was co-produced by Tesfaye, “Euphoria” producer Sam Levinson and Reza Faheem, focuses on the best stab at Jocelyn’s comeback journey to become a No. 1 pop star following a nervous breakdown, which had derailed from her previous tour. By the third episode, Tedros is well on his way to convincing Jocelyn that he will be instrumental in her music career – under the guise of something more dubious.

Keep reading to see how much “The Idol” pushed the envelope in its third episode — and we know there’s definitely more to come before the series ends its five-episode season.

Tedros goes down on Jocelyn – in a convertible – with Leia driving

The third installment of the series opens with Tedros suggesting that he and Jocelyn go shopping – which clearly means that Leia (Rachel Sennott) will take the dynamic duo to Rodeo Drive in their flashy red convertible while Tedros gazes down at Jocelyn in the backseat. goes. No one will see, right?

Tedros bullied by Valentino retail associate

Finally at Valentino, Jocelyn has a “pretty lady” moment shopping on Rodeo Drive as the store empties out for the pop star’s shopping spree. As the sales associate turns his attention to the wishes of Jocelyn and Tedros, Tedros is injured by a male employee, who he sees as too much attention to Jocelyn. “Look at her one more time,” Tedros challenges the employee as he grabs her and continues to threaten her.

Tedros pressured to fire his staffer for comments on Jocelyn Body

Tedros is definitely setting some sort of record for attacking multiple men for allegedly assaulting Jocelyn. If getting injured by a Valentino aide wasn’t enough, it turns out Tedros was also furious earlier in the day when Jocelyn’s male employee commented on her body after she supplied him with probiotic supplements and noticed how well he was doing. Worked like Almost immediately, Tedros slaps her and pressures Jocelyn into terminating her employment, which she does.

Tedros enjoying himself at the Valentino store

Jocelyn and Tedros make the most of their privacy by hooking up in the dressing room at a Valentino store. When Jocelyn ends their encounter early by telling Tedros that she does not want it to end up inside him, Tedros continues to pleasure himself in the dressing room, loud enough for activists to hear.

Jocelyn and Tedros hook up again in front of Leia

If convertibles weren’t enough, Jocelyn and Tedros reunited at her home after their shopping spree — just a few hundred feet from Leia’s.

diane takes center stage

While Jocelyn hangs out with Tedros and the rest of the crew, Diane takes the lead in Jocelyn’s music video from Episode 2, supervising Nikki.

Tedros and Xander suggest Jocelyn use the leaked photo as her album cover

As Tedros attempts to regain control of Jocelyn’s music and life, he sidebars with Xander as they hatch a new plan for Jocelyn’s upcoming album: a photo of Jocelyn with bodily substances on her face as the cover. Use the leaked picture.

Jocelyn revealed that her mother used to abuse her using a hairbrush

In an unexpected turn of events, Jocelyn reveals at a dinner party with Tedros and his friends that her late mother used an old hairbrush as a corrective tool for her daughter whenever she disobeyed. If she didn’t exercise, she used to beat Jocelyn with it. flirted with someone she didn’t like, and so on and so forth. It appears as though the abuse happened under Xander’s watch, as Jocelyn and Xander clearly have some unresolved feelings about whether Xander did enough – or anything – to stop it.

Tedros instructs Jocelyn to bring a hairbrush and use it on her

After hearing Jocelyn’s heartbreaking story, which had brought tears to many of his friends, Tedros asked Jocelyn to fetch a hairbrush, assuring her that working through the pain would yield a better result.

While Levinson and Tesfaye keep us from fully experiencing what happened, it’s clear that Tedros used the same hairbrush as his mother before giving Jocelyn a bath.

Finally, Jocelyn whispers the most shocking words we could expect after that scene: “Thank you for taking care of me.”

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