The pilot script for The Dark Tower is “one of my favorite things I’ve ever worked on,” says director Mike Flanagan – Deadline

There’s a lot to unpack to properly adapt The Dark Tower Books by Stephen King.

Previous efforts failed, and now there’s a writers’ strike that’s paralyzing production. But director Mike Flanagan remains optimistic he can bring home a compelling version, he told Thursday’s Tribeca Film Festival.

The Haunting of Hill House The director admitted that The Dark Tower was his dream project.

“That’s what I want to do the most,” Flanagan told presenter Justina Ireland. “I have the rights. We are on strike. But I’m very optimistic that we’re on the right track with that, we have good partners, we can’t talk about it, but I think it will happen. I can’t say for sure, but we look good. So I hope that’s up there.”

last december, deadlines Nellie Andreeva exclusively reported that Flanagan and producing partner Trevor Macy were working on an adaptation that was slated to become a five-season TV series followed by two standalone feature films.

“The pilot script is one of my favorite things I’ve ever worked on,” Flanagan said at the time. “It was surreal to work on. As such, we are overwhelmed and grateful that Stephen King is entrusting us with an endeavor of such value to him and we hope to find the right partners to make it happen.”

Flanagan has adapted works by King, including those from 2017 Gerald’s game and 2019 doctor sleep.

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