The Weeknd ruined ‘The Idol’ finale months ago

Note: This story contains spoilers ,The Idol” Episode 5.

HBO’s “The Idol” ended its five-episode season Sunday night with a surprise ending — apparently disappointing to fans of The Weeknd who attended his Los Angeles concert this autumn Were.

In the finale: As the troubled relationship between rising pop star Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) and suspicious nightclub owner Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye) drifts deeper into dangerous territory, Tedros confronts Jocelyn. Tries to control every part of life and career. , Jocelyn decides to get rid of Tedros forever by bringing her manager Chaim into the mix. When Tedros refuses a $500,000 check to stay away from Jocelyn, Chaim turns to Plan B – assigns a Vanity Fair reporter to write a scathing expose of Tedros’ past adventures, which will forever haunt him. Will ruin for.

A few weeks later, in an unexpected turn of events, Tedros turns up at Jocelyn’s concert at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, and the pop star takes him back. However, this time, it is clear that Jocelyn is in charge, as she reveals herself to be the real manipulator. “The Idol” concluded with Jocelyn taking the stage in front of thousands of fans and introducing Tedros to the world with a kiss.

This final scene of the season – which reveals Jocelyn’s true power – was filmed during the first two nights of The Weeknd’s After Hours Till Dawn Tour, which begins in Los Angeles in early September 2022, which preceded the premiere. Months ago HBO effectively screwed the drama.

Filming in front of a crowd of The Weeknd certainly cut down on expensive production costs, which was prompted by significant reshoots following the change in direction. The music industry drama also employed Tesfaye’s mansion as a basecamp for Jocelyn’s adventures.

Producer Sam Levinson said of the final concert scene, “We basically shot it with a live audience of 70,000 people.” HBO’s “Inside Episode 5” Featurette, “We have two attempts to do it. We had Friday nights and Saturday nights of concerts. Either we get it or we don’t.”

while fans were clue in While “The Idol” filmed a scene or two during the concert, viewers put together the pieces of the puzzle after Sunday’s finale, allowing thousands of fans to keep this vital piece of information throughout the show’s completion. .

Culture reporter Kat Tannbarge said, “The show’s final scene was shot at a weekend concert in front of a live audience and the show went viral as soon as it aired, which means the series finale and overall arc may have been spoiled for all of them.” Who bothered to listen to it.” Tweeted sunday. “It will go down in history as one of the most expensive, worst and most disastrous TV projects ever.”

Check out more fans’ reactions to learning that the closing scene of “The Idol” was filmed in front of thousands of The Weeknd fans:

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