Trump was ‘to buy’ for giving back classified documents to DOJ

In a preview of Donald Trump’s exclusive interview with Fox News host Bret Baier released Monday, the former president, who is facing espionage charges after mishandling classified documents and refusing to return them, Said they didn’t return hundreds of boxes of documents. He moved to his Mar-a-Lago estate because he was “too busy”.

Asked by Baier why he did not hand over the documents to the Justice Department after the subpoena, Trump, who spoke continuously to the Fox News interviewer in the clip, explained that he had personal items mixed in with state secrets.

“I wanted to go through the boxes and take out all my personal belongings. I don’t want to hand him over,” he said. “And I was very busy, as you have seen.”

Trump also appeared to deny being asked to return classified material and denied receiving a subpoena from the DOJ.

Baier, who called in to the network after the clip aired, described Trump as “defiant”. He said of Trump, “He actually categorically denies some of the things specifically laid out in the indictments.”

He promised that the interview, which is more than an hour long, “runs the gamut.” This is the former president’s first sit-down interview since his appearance at a Miami courthouse last Tuesday.

Baier assured, “Every question you think you want to ask the former president, we’ve got some repetition of it.”

Watch video preview above. The first part of the interview aired on Fox News on Monday night.

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