WGA Congratulates SAG-AFTRA On Tentative Agreement – Deadline

There was plenty of solidarity between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA during this summer’s dual strikes.

After SAG-AFTRA agreed its tentative agreement with the studios, the writers guild congratulated its sister union.

“Congratulations to the SAG-AFTRA Negotiating Committee for reaching a tentative agreement after striking for 118 days to address the challenges actors were facing. We’re thrilled to see SAG-AFTRA members win a contract that creates new protections for performers and gives them a greater share of the immense value they create, the WGA West and WGA East said in a statement.

“When workers are united, they win!,” the guild added.

Both unions were on strike together over much of the summer with actors and writers walking in unison on the picket lines. SAG-AFTRA similarly congratulated the WGA on its deal back in September. “SAG-AFTRA congratulates the WGA on reaching a tentative agreement with the AMPTP after 146 days of incredible strength, resiliency and solidarity on the picket lines,” it said at the time. “Since the day the WGA strike began, SAG-AFTRA members have stood alongside the writers on the picket lines.”

Elsewhere, the Directors Guild of America also congratulated the actors.

“Congratulations to SAG-AFTRA on successfully reaching a tentative agreement that addresses the unique needs of their members. Directors and their teams look forward to our industry getting back to work and collaborating with actors, writers, craftspeople and crews to create film and television that entertains billions around the world,” it said in a statement.

There wasn’t quite as much solidarity between the DGA and the other two organizations after the directors took an early deal from the AMPTP, a move that angered many.

The Producers Guild of America also chimed in with their applause. “The Producers Guild of America congratulates SAG-AFTRA for their unwavering dedication in reaching an agreement with the studios. We eagerly look forward to collaborating with our fellow writers, actors and directors as we collectively work towards revitalizing our industry and returning to work.”

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