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Need a refresher on the events of Season 1 of “And Just Like That” ahead of its Season 2 premiere on Thursday, June 22?

Here are highlights of the life-changing things that happened to Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis), as well as several new characters. The original cast, often criticized for not including any non-white characters, was expanded by adding a POC BFF to the three leads, to varying degrees of storytelling success.

Producers also roped in AWOL Kim Cattrall (who has a cameo in Season 2) as Samantha, thanks to some timely texts after an off-screen feud with Carrey.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker)

Sarah Jessica Parker in Season 1 of “And Just Like That” (HBO)

The very first episode found Carrie and her husband Big (aka John, played by Chris Noth) living happily ever after – until he suffered a heart attack during a Peloton workout. He came home too late to save her, but just in time for her to die in his arms. No scenes were shot for the finale, but were cut after the actor was accused of sexual harassment by several women.

When John’s will is read, Carrie is shocked that it includes an important bequest to his first wife, Natasha (Bridget Moynahan). After pursuing – and finally talking to – Natasha, she realized that John had not cheated on her, but was trying to make it up to Natasha to leave in the first place.

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Carey was no longer a columnist but a podcaster. Her boss, Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez), told her that she needed to be more forthright about her sex life, which was a bit difficult since she was now a widow. Carey, already feeling old and out of touch, also needed hip surgery. She shared a graphic story about the time Samantha helped her with a stuck diaphragm when she was high on pain medications. She reached out to Samantha to apologize by text. We’re told the two stopped being friends after Carey fired her as her publicist, but things have somewhat patched up.

The finale finds Carey sprinkling Big’s ashes off a bridge in Paris… and kissing handsome producer (Ian Hernandez), who offers her his own podcast.

Miranda (Cynthia Nixon)

Cynthia Nixon and David Eigenberg
Cynthia Nixon and David Eisenberg on “And Just Like That” (HBO Max)

Miranda goes through some radical changes in the first season: she quits her job as a corporate lawyer to pursue a graduate degree in human rights, where she befriends her professor, Dr. Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman). She was also very dissatisfied. in her marriage to Steve (David Eigenberg) and drinking heavily. She met Carrie’s boss, Che, who identifies as non-binary, and began trying to spend more time with her, leading to loud sex with Che in Carrie’s kitchen while he was groping Carrie’s ass. Was going to help after surgery.

Che leaves her when he learns that Miranda and Steve’s marriage was not open and that she had not told her husband about them. Miranda finally told Steve – whose only storyline all season was his hearing loss – and that she was leaving him for Che. Despite her friends’ misgivings, she also gives up a prestigious “impossible-to-get” internship to follow Che to Hollywood. In the finale, Miranda, who had gone completely grey, went back to dyeing her hair red.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis)

Cathy Ang, Kristin Davis, Alexa Swinton and Evan Handler "and just like that"
Cathy Ang, Kristin Davis, Alexa Swinton and Evan Handler in “And Just Like That” (HBO)

Charlotte was still married to Harry (Evan Handler): daughter Lily (Kathy Ang) was now 16, and they also had a second daughter (Alexa Swingen), who was 13. Unbeknownst to Charlotte, their youngest, who rejected the girl’s given name, Rose had told everyone to start calling him “Rock”. After initial consternation, Charlotte fully embraces Rock’s new identity, which, unfortunately for Charlotte, does not include attending the elaborate bar mitzvah she has planned with a trans rabbi (Hari Neff). . “I don’t want to be labeled anything. Not as a girl or a boy, nonbinary, as a Jew, Christian, Muslim, not even as a New Yorker,” Rock said. In the end, it was Charlotte, a convert to Judaism as an adult, who went through the ritual.

Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez)

in sara ramirez "and just like that"
Sara Ramirez in “And Just Like That” (HBO)

Carrey’s boss and Miranda’s new love interest at one point introduces himself as, “I’m Che Diaz, your host. And the queer, nonbinary, Mexican Irish diva represents everyone else outside of these two boring genders. The standup comedian had a podcast called “XY & Me,” but eventually gave it up after getting an offer to make a TV pilot in Hollywood. Che, who is played by “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Sara Ramirez, is also in season 2. Makes a comeback

Dr. Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman)

in Leroy McClain and Karen Pittman "and just like that"
Leroy McClain and Karen Pittman in “And Just Like That” (HBO)

We first meet Nya as Miranda’s new teaching professor at Columbia Law School. Of course, in trying to say and do all the right things, Miranda completely fails their first date. However, the two become friends outside of class. Nia was also the only new character to receive her own independent storyline involving her husband Andre (Leroy McClain). The couple were unsuccessful in trying to have children: Nya felt it was fine if they never had children, while Andre wanted her to keep trying.

Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker)

Nicole in Ari Parker "and just like that"
Nicole Ari Parker in ‘And Just Like That’ (HBO)

Charlotte was deeply influenced by PTA pal Lisa Todd Wexley, a Park Avenue philanthropist, art collector and socialite, and was thrilled when they became friends. She competitively tried to maintain the illusion of an ideal marriage with Harry, until she realized that Lisa and her husband were doing the same thing, and that the two were more trusting than she had realized. .

Seema Patel (Sarita Chowdhary)

Sarita Chowdhary is included "and just like it"
Sarita Chowdhary in “And Just Like That” (HBO)

The actress, whose previous credits include “Mississippi Masala” and the TV series “Homeland” and “The Path,” played Carrie’s pompous new realtor who finds her a luxurious new apartment after Big’s death. The life-loving Seema, who reminded many viewers of Samantha, also helped Carrie get through the post-grieving period with friendship, cocktails and an invitation to a traditional Indian wedding.

Anthony Marantino (Mario Canton) and Stanford Bloch (Willie Garson)

And Just Like That, Mario Cantone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Willie Garson
And Just Like That: Mario Cantone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Willie Garson (HBO)

Anthony and Stanford’s marriage was on the verge of collapse as Stanford suddenly took a job in Tokyo, effectively ending things between them. In real life, Garson died unexpectedly after filming only a few episodes and the Tokyo move became a way of writing his character out of the show. Meanwhile, Anthony opens a bread shop called “Hot Fellas” where the delivery guys are all young, hot gay guys in tight T-shirts and shorts.

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