Barry Diller Says Strike Agreements Needed by September 1, Says Executives and Stars Should Take 25 Percent Pay Cuts – Deadline

Barry Diller, former CEO of ABC, Fox Broadcasting Company and Paramount and current chairman and senior executive of IAC and Expedia Group, caused a stir during an appearance Sunday on the CBS talk show Face the Nation.

Diller had several Hollywood-related suggestions for presenter Margaret Brennan and comments that are sure to be controversial.


*** As a good faith measure, Diller said that executives and the “highest paid” actors should take a 25% pay cut to try and make up the difference between those who are paid well and those who are do not reduce.

*** He proposed a September 1 deadline for the strike settlement. Otherwise, “there’s not going to be a lot of shows for everyone to watch next year.” So what’s going to happen is that subscriptions are going to be canceled, which is going to take a toll on the revenue of all these film and television companies, resulting in no programming will give more.”

*** This “perfect storm,” Diller said, “will potentially lead to the complete collapse of an entire industry.”

*** Fears of artificial intelligence are “overstated,” Diller claimed. “Yes, you can ingest all this stuff and spit out something that sounds like Shakespeare, but you know what? It is not original Shakespeare. And authors are supported, not replaced. I don’t think most of these actual crafts are compromised by artificial intelligence.”

Diller also said that a leading group of publishers, whose names he declined to identify, are considering legal action to prevent AI from defrauding and using their data without compensation. He didn’t provide the details of who, what and when.

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