Denmark’s Former Queen Margrethe To Get ‘The Crown’ Drama Treatment – Deadline

It’s been a dramatic month for Denmark’s royal family, with Queen Margrethe announcing her abdication in favour of her elder son, the new King Frederik.

The former monarch stood down from the Danish throne after 52 years, making the announcement in a surprise address to the nation live on television.

Now The Guardian reports that the long-reigning sovereign is to have her life story brought to screen, in a TV show Af Guds nåde (‘By the grace of God’). The show is being developed by the makers of hit political Danish drama Borgen, Sam Productions, alongside Danish broadcaster TV2. Margrethe’s story will being with her birth in 1940, and will be set at Amalienborg royal palace in the capital city of Copenhagan

According to The Guardian, the show’s producers will tell the story from the perspective of members of the royal family and also royal court employees.

Margrethe was Denmark’s longest serving monarch before her surprise abdication at the age of 83. Her son Frederik is now the King, with his wife Mary having become the first Australian-born woman to become a European monarch.

Af Guds nåde has reportedly been developed over the past 18 months, and is expected to be released next year.

The show’s executive producer, Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen, said the former queen “has been part of the history of all Danes.”

“It was not on the cards for the little princess to be queen, but times changed and she became a great queen. Now is the time to tell the magnificent story, which can give us an insight we have not had before.”

There is no news yet on how the show will be distributed internationally. Netflix drama The Crown, all about the UK’s royal family over the course of Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign, came to an end after six seasons late in 2023.

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