“I Went To Hell And Back” – Deadline

Jamie Foxx gave fans an update on his recovery since his hospitalization in April, which his daughter Corrine Foxx described at the time as a “medical complication,” in his first official video.

In the Instagram video posted Friday night (you can watch it below), Jamie Foxx didn’t reveal the nature of the complication but did elaborate on the severity of his condition while he was in hospital.

“I can’t tell you how far it’s taken me and how it’s brought me back. I went through something I thought I would never go through,” Foxx said, thanking fans for their prayers and messages.

He explained why it took so long for fans to hear from him. “I just didn’t want you to see me like that. I want you to see me laugh, have fun, party, crack a joke, make a movie or a TV show. I just didn’t want you to see me running out of skin and trying to figure out if I’m going to make it.”

Foxx debunked online rumors that the medical emergency left him paralyzed or blind.

“But I’ve been to hell and back,” he added. “My road to recovery also had some potholes, but I’ll come back and I can work.”

Foxx praised his daughter Corinne and sister Deondra Dixon for keeping his medical struggles and recovery a secret.

“You didn’t leave anything out. You protected me,” he said.

Foxx then fell silent as he told fans, “I just want to say I love everyone, and I love all the love I’ve received.” He ended the video message with, “I’m on my way back.”

The actor had not been seen since his April 11 hospitalization until he was spotted in Chicago in May visiting a rehabilitation facility and recently waving to fans from a boat.

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