Whoopi Goldberg tells Blizzard not to back ‘Diablo IV’ (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg still hasn’t received a refund for her copy of Blizzard Entertainment’s latest game “Diablo IV,” so she’s been asked once again in a new clip posted to her Instagram on Friday.

“I’m tired of people not doing what they say they’re going to do. I want my game. I want my money back. Please, Blizzard, I love you, have it now.” A little out of control,” Goldberg said.

For those unaware, Goldberg, as it happens, is a huge gamer, and so she says her favorite is Blizzard’s “Diablo” series. But when he bought the latest game on June 6, he faced a problem.

Previous versions of “Diablo” were playable on both Windows and Mac computers. But Microsoft is currently attempting to buy Activision Blizzard, the company formed by the merger of “Call of Duty” powerhouse Activision and “World of Warcraft” and “Diablo” makers Blizzard, in a $69 billion deal.

now that’s buy has been blocked by a federal judge, due to FTC antitrust concerns. Still, in anticipation of the deal, “Diablo IV, which is also available for video game consoles, can otherwise only be played on PCs that run on Microsoft’s Windows operating system. But Goldberg uses a Mac.

On June 9, she posted a video on Instagram complaining about the situation and demanding a refund, which apparently hasn’t happened yet. So it is that a week later he posted a follow-up.

“It’s still me, I’m here, I’m getting ready to do a talk, and I realized, I’m still very upset with Blizzard Entertainment, because I still haven’t heard from them. And I understand they want me to take this xbox away but i want my money back – if you ain’t going to give me my games. what’s up with that? i’m good about it i think i’m done with it But I think a lot of people were upset that they didn’t get what they were promised,” she said.

“Again, I didn’t get the email that said ‘Hey, Microsoft is taking over Blizzard,’ I didn’t get that email, or I wouldn’t have bought the game,” he continued.

“Can someone send me, ‘Hey, Whoop, we’re really sorry that happened to you.’ Because I feel like, maybe, you know, it’s par for the course. I’m sick of UPS, they always dump my stuff in the middle of the street, they don’t make it to my house, they don’t ring my doorbell. . I’m tired of people not doing what they say they’re going to do. I want my game. I want my money back. Please, Blizzard, I love you, it’s now A little out of control,” Goldberg continued.

“Because I know Blizzard and Microsoft, you’re not married yet. You’re talking about marriage. So someone needs to explain what’s going on, please. I’m going to get my Haribo before I leave.” And I do my thing for MX. All I’m saying is, we could have done it a little better, Blizzard,” the clip ends.

Now, hopefully she sees the matter resolved to her satisfaction. But whoopi, if you’re reading this, the PlayStation 5 is actually a pretty cool console, you should get one.

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