Twitter reactions to ‘The Idol’ finale: ‘Straight trash,’ ‘Rashed’

Twitter users were dismayed after Sunday night’s finale of Sam Levinson’s controversial HBO series, “The Idol,” with some saying it was a “waste of everyone’s time,” while others dismissed it as “straight up garbage.” .

The twist, in which pop diva Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) turns out to be just as manipulative as abusive guru Tedros (Abel Tesfaye), impressed everyone,”what the hell was that,

Darby Shaw tweeted, “The Idol was really a waste of everyone’s time, but that’s what happens when men take over a TV show that’s supposed to be theirs,” in reference to Sam Levinson replacing original director Amy Seimetz. Wasn’t a business.”

Many were confused by Jocelyn, Tedros’ flip-flopped affection. “I’m confused about when the show got this jump where Jocelyn hates Tedros, if she hates him why is she still letting him around?” @cianf8 tweeted as the finale began and Jocelyn ordered Tedros out of her house.

“I can’t be the only person who feels like we dropped a lot of narrative between last week’s episode and tonight’s finale. Last weekend, Jocelyn was apologizing for Tedros’ abusive past and now her BS is over,” wrote Andre Clemonswho also called the finale “straight up garbage”.

Others found the finale “rushed” and many, due to a misleading article about a “missing episode”, felt as though the show left out some important details. The show was originally going to be six episodes under Seimetz, but was always five episodes long with Levinson in charge.

Viewer @swifts_dany called the series “the worst show I’ve ever seen”, adding, “I can tell the diameter of Lily Rose Depp’s nipples but I don’t know the story of the show.”

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All the episodes of “The Idol” are now streaming on Max.

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